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With an enviable culinary heritage dating back to more than seven decades the Savoy's Kitchen has set new benchmarks in the restaurant industry. The flagship Savoy's Kitchen restaurant is a true icon of Calicut and the Savoy's Kitchen restaurant in Edmonton is one of the most popular restaurants in the Canada. The journey began in 2009 under the visionary leadership of Savoy who opened the first Savoy's Kitchen restaurant in Calicut, Kerala, India. The restaurant reached its position with the third generation of management at the helm.

treasured moments

After initially offering a fusion of the Malabar region's Moplah and Thiyya Cuisines, the master chefs at Savoy's Kitchen have ceaselessly innovated to transform the cuisine over the years. The restaurants reflect the influences from different parts of the world while retaining their traditional roots. They today enjoy cult status in Calicut and Edmonton, becoming a part of countless stories, memories and celebrations among our legion of patrons.

Acclaimed as india's best restaurant for coastal cuisine and consistently ranked among Edmonton's best restaurants, Savoy's Kitchen continues to set the highest standard of taste and service.
We hope you have a Savoy's Kitchen experience filled with unmatched taste, delightful contentment and memories to cherish. Bon Appetit

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