• Rice & Breads

    • Kerala Paratha


      A famous south indian flaky pancake made of flour and oil

    • Appam


      South Indian pancake made with rice batter and coconut milk

    • Idiappam


      String hoppers made with rice flour dough pressed into form and steamed

    • Puttu


      Steamed cylinders of rice flour with shredded coconut

    • Chapathi


      Made of stoneground wholemeal flour flat round and cooked in griddle

    • Cassava(Kappa)


      Third largest source of food carbohydrates cooked with Savoy's special aromas

    • Steamed Rice


    • Coconut Rice


      Tempered with shredded coconut and curry leaves

    • Koththu Paratha

      A traditional dish made from wholemeal flour, make the kothu on heated griddle, and cutting up and mixing of kothu is done using blunt metal blades.

    • Veg Koththu Paratha


    • Goat Koththu Paratha


    • Chicken Koththu Paratha


    • Egg Koththu Paratha


    • Chicken Tikka Koththu Paratha


    • Beef Koththu Paratha